This year, Joey Tempest and his band have performed a wide range of concerts in Europe and around the world. Impressions gathered in a bunch of information that Joey had the kindness to share with us. Joey  – the vocalist and leader of Europe, is one of the most important icons of the rock scene thanks to all the years of trajectory and successes harvested in the musical field. 

With his recent tour, this year, Joey Tempest  discussed about the current situation of the band and about its history without forgetting, the mythical and the great hit of the band, which is already well-known. In 2017 the band released a new album titled “Walk the Earth” and went on a world tour.

“It was absolutely fantastic to play this album, ‘Walk The Earth’. We felt awesome playing it this year. We played “Pictures”, “Turn To Dust”, “GTO”, which we like a lot since we launched them. We will be all 2019 on tour and in 2020 we will launch our next work”.

The band worked amazingly in a studio not at all known to them: Abbey Road is also one of the best studios in the world, but at the same time they have all the equipment they have recorded with John LennonPink Floyd or The Beatles“We brought the oldest equipment and combined it with the latest equipment to record our materials. It’s a great place, and in fact, I’ve written a few things, like the studio lyrics that are on the piano, with acoustic guitars … it’s a very inspiring place”.

The band seems to be more united than ever, and Joey assures that “we are more open than ever today because the songs are composed together and it is interesting for me to get ideas from Mic MichaeliJohn Levén or John Norum, that they come from another source, which makes them more revitalized. That’s why the songs sound different, because we offer opportunities for these ideas and we do not let theescape today”.

It’s absolutely certain that Joey and the band want to test their fans with these new compositions to surprise them with their unlimited capabilities. Otherwise:“we can not be but who we are, but our past is there and we have chosen to go further and we are happy because we have won the respect of the rock community around the world.” The last six albums have made tours all over the world and this is what we do. We are confronted with our past, but we have made progress.

When it comes to the great hit, world-famous it is amazing how far a song like “The Final Countdown” has come. “I wrote it when I was in school, we got it for the third album and it has become a classic. For us it is another song on the album, we did not rehearse it or listen to it at home. We just play it live, and we love it because it brings us closer to the public and unites it with each other. We are happy about it”.

After each concert, the band takes a moment to relax, talking about the concert just finished. “We all sit down together and talk about how the concert has gone. Except for a tour, we do it and we chat and drink some water. Then we go to the hotel or the tour bus … well, actually, not all, that’s two or three. I like to go home where I find my two children and my wife, I love my family”.

During his career, Joey gathered a series of events that influenced him and brought him more or less pleasant memories: “We played in front of  50,000 or 60,000 several times, it was amazing. We played in many ways, from 1,500 people to 15,000 each year. But, we also  did our first tour in Sweden and the promoter did something wrong … I do not know what happened. There were 12 people, but we played anyway. I do not know why, he did something wrong and nobody came. We had a good time even though and in those times we enjoyed playing around”.

“We are in a great moment right now because we own the direction that our music takes, we decide the tours and all the decisions are made by us. It’s a wonderful thing to have all that control over the future of the band, to have control of your art. There are many things, but we have power over our music and now we have taken the reins of the part related to the business, which is very good.

Regarding the less pleasant situations on stage during the band’s tours, Joey Tempest has shared some of them, which marked him in particular: “There have been several falls … I remember one from several meters to the moat in Denmark and I got my hands dirty. I was on stage and suddenly I disappeared. I was lucky for not hitting my head. I’ve had big falls seven or eight times in my career, I’m lucky to be fine.

I also broke my pants … my leather pants, so I had to pull the wardrobe a few times. The leather pants, when adjusted, there is a point where they do not give more than themselves.“.




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