EUROPE received an honorary award from Upplands Väsby municipality

The hard rock band Europe is Väsby’s musical pride. Today they were awarded a prize of Upplands Väsby municipality for the efforts over the years and for always lifting Väsby.

This spring, the Väsby boys made pride when they were selected for the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. And now there’s another reason to celebrate. In conjunction with Europe’s concert at Gröna Lund on Friday evening, August 31, 2018, Upplands Väsby municipality shared a special prize for the hard rockers for the efforts they made for the hometown of Väsby through its more than 30 year career.

“There is a pride in Väsby over the rock culture that Europe and other artists from the city have contributed to,” says Maria Röstberg, Culture and Recreation Manager.

The honors award is a symbol to honor the success of the band, and thanks for their attention over the years to the municipality in Sweden and abroad.

“You are a very good band and amazing ambassadors for Väsby,” said Mathias Bohman (S), chairman of the municipal council, at the handover.

“You always speak Väsby in all respects,” said Maria Röstberg.

The band received a statue designed by Concretum Arte. They were also invited to sign a guitar, christened to Europe, who usually hang in the “Europe” room in Upplands Väsby Music School. The guitar will be part of the exhibition currently in the Messingen Entrance Hall, which commemorates Väsby as a music venue, and points out that the cultural school (now music school) is 70 years old this year.

The band members themselves say they have Väsby to thank for very much.

Early memories: first gig, Vilundahallen was it? Väsby fans, it was full. It was such support for us from the beginning. Väsby fans went everywhere in Sweden and supported us and helped us win rock-SM, says singer Joey Tempest.

– Absolutely. Upplands Väsby was the city with the most rock band. It was where it was, it was the rock’s Mecka. Hopefully it’s still, says drummer Ian Haugland.

“It was fun, first gig was probably the people’s house, New Year’s Eve,” says bassist John Levén.

– I love Väsby, the guitarist John Norum starts. I have very nice youth memories from Väsby. I do not think you can find a better place to grow up than Väsby, we had a lot of fun when we were younger.

“Yes, it was where we took our first, staggering steps like musicians, or as” rockers wannabes “maybe one should say. So it’s still somewhere, that’s what the keyboardist Mic Michaeli says.



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