August, 9, 2018

“Out of This World” has been released 30 years ago (on 9 August 1988) and it  is the fourth studio album of the band.   With the help of Epic Records, the album was a commercial success selling over 3 million units worldwide, peaking at number 19 on the US Billboard 200 chart and reaching high positions worldwide. It was recorded at Olympic Studios and Townhouse Studios, in London, England.

“Out of This World was the band’s follow up album to the successful album The Final Countdown, but it did not match the success of its predecessor. The album peaked at no. 19 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The album is Europe’s best-selling album in Switzerland. Out of This World” achieved Platinum status in the United States, platinum status in Switzerland and gold in Canada.

Out of This World included the hit singles “Superstitious”, “Open Your Heart” and “Let the Good Times Rock”, all of which had accompanying music videos. “Superstitious” was released in the fall of 1988 and became arguably the band’s most recognizable song from the album. Its music video received heavy airplay on music television.

Reviewing the album, AllMusic contributor Andy Hinds writes that “Europe produces made-to-order lite metal with admirable craftsmanship and occasionally memorable hooks.

In the summer of 1988, the band travelled the U.S. together with Def Leppard. However, the band’s management considered a promotional tour of Europe (the continent) more important and made the band withdraw from the highly successful American tour.

After the promotional tour was over, the band set on rehearsing for the upcoming Out Of This World Tour, which began with a bombastic show (60,000 visitors) in Mumbai, India in November 1988. Then the band flew to Japan, where they filmed the video for “Let the Good Times Rock”. The scheduled tour of Australia was, however, unexpectedly cancelled. From January to April 1989, the band toured all over Europe. In some places, in Germany particularly, the band did not manage to fill up the arenas and concert halls like they had done during the Final Countdown Tour, despite more and more good reviews from the musical press.






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