The “Bulgarian BgDnes” interviewed Joey Tempest and asked him about the show in Sofia, the crazy 80’s, the use of “The Final Countdown” in politics.
Then Joey gives his opinion about the general perception of security nowadays.Here are some excerpts from the long interview:

Your concert is part of the anniversary tour of the 30th anniversary of ‘The Final Countdown’. Will you play this album from start to end?
– Eventually, we decided that the Anniversary Tour should stay with the concerts we played last year. I am convinced that we will not disappoint the Bulgarian crowd. We have prepared the best of all albums of Europe so far. Of course there will be songs from ‘The Final Countdown’.

Aside from many sporting events, the song is also used in political campaigns, including the US last year. How do you look at it?
– I really don’t like it! We reacted immediately during the US elections. This song is not written for politicians! But when I listen to it during a sporting event and my team is racing and winning, I am very happy.

Let’s go back to the 80’s when the song was created. The other guys in the band said there were crazy parties with girls and alcohol, but you maintained your voice. Does it sound fair, given that you only wrote the songs back then?
– It was not the most fair thing, but such are the laws of business. I had to be careful with my voice. And most of the time I had a girlfriend. From time to time I was relaxing. I was young, I could not keep discipline forever. But others in the band really enjoyed it. There were many girls and lot of alcohol. There were parties that… Better not to talk about these things!

Are you taking more serious security measures along the upcoming tours? A group with the name Europe can become irritating to Islamic fundamentalists.
– We are aware of this and we already have more guards. But I hope that this will not interfere with our contacts with the fans.

During concerts in Sweden – including at a festival where Europe took part in 2016, groups of migrants started to surround girls and to touch them. Rapes were reported. How would you react if you saw men harassing girls in the audience?
– I’d have no hesitation in reacting – I would stop singing! And I would call on the security guys to catch those perverts! It is so abominable and uncivilized. So far, during our performances, there have been no such things.

Although you live in London, your family lives in Stockholm. How did you feel when you heard about the downtown attack?
– It was terrible. I immediately started calling at home, friends. One of the most stressful moments in my life.

In 2015, you played in Paris some days after the Bataclan attack. Did you ever think of not playing that concert? 

– I remember we were very nervous. Previously, we had played in Brussels again after the attacks. Our participation was part of the Scorpions tour. We talked and talked. We decided that if Scorpions did not give up the tour in France, we would also be in. It was not pleasant to play with so much police, armored vehicles around us. But if the fans were not afraid, we could not be cowards! We will not defeat the terrorists with fear!


Source: Europe the band – Fan Media Corner


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