Yes, indeed, unbelievable but it’s true, the Swedish band Europe will tour Australia for the very first time, this year. Obviously the Australian fans have had to wait for such a long time this tour and see the charismatic lead singer – Joey Tempest – with his friends all together again on the stage.

“Something was booked back in the ’80s but there was a management decision that steered us away to other touring. We talked about it within the band and we can’t remember why the management did that,” Joey Tempest explains.

They always wanted to make it over and the reason why now is truly possible seems to be thinks to  their new management- Adam and Ace. “We have been with them for about three or four years and as soon as we started working with them, we mentioned that we would love to go to Australia and they have been very instrumental in putting this together.”

 All the crew are all very excited about making this tour and although the wait for Australian Europe fans has been incredibly long, they are now lucky enough to be in a position where the band has over 30 years worth of songs, all being played here for the first time.

The lead singer – Joey Tempest says : “We are going to mix it up, we will play some new songs and some old songs and because we haven’t been there before, it would be great to show crowds a wider span of the band’s music. We are also very excited to play about three or four new songs. We have been getting a lot of positive attention about “Walk The Earth”  and recently we got a Grammy. The 11th album in our career has been received quite well, it’s been fantastic.”

“We are always open to experiment and share the load in terms of writing, which makes the finished product more varied as different songs have come from different people. It helps to make each album its own entity,” Joey explained. For him and his friends, it is always a pleasure to get back together in the studio, for recording new albums and make good music – as they did for 30 years.

Since the new album was released, Joey Tempest always said that Walk The Earth  is like a miracle album.  “The trick is not to shy away from trying things and we really tried to push it a bit with this album. This album is really out there for us, but we absolutely love it” – added Joey as conclusion.



Source: Joey Tempest Interview – Forté Magazine Australia





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