Swedish rockers Europe  have released a video for Walk The Earth. The song is the title track to the bands upcoming album the follow-up to 2015 War of Kings, which is released on October 20.

Walk The Earth is the kind of stirring epic that brings Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir or Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers to mind, a dramatic mix of thundering riffs, wailing, eastern-influenced strings and soaring vocals. To be quite frank, it’s big.

“We asked Patric Ullaeus, our friend and film maker to make our video for Walk The Earth,” say the band. “He’s just got a new location in Gothenburg which we were lucky enough to be the first to use . When we sent Patric the song he said he got completely overwhelmed: “goosebumps and tears,” he said. We love his work with other artists like Arch Enemy amongst others. He’s got that special “eye” to film rock bands. To quote our keyboard player, we were absolutely stoked when we saw the final video.

Walk The Earth is possibly the proudest we’ve been of a song and video in years, if not decades! We can’t wait for everyone to see and hear it.”