CONCERT – BUCHAREST, ROMANIA. On  june 11/2015, during Europe concert in Bucharest, Romania – Joey Tempest: “It’s  a great place here, to you! Europe’ concert was originally scheduled for the end of the last year (2014),  at the Palace Hall. This year, the most anticipated concert of the  Europe band turned in a  wonderful Midsummer Night’s Dream for thousands of rockers (and others) who came on June 11 at the Roman Arenas to see  the real “Lords of Rock”

The waiting was worth it. The place chosen  for an outdoor concert (especially for such a legendary rock band Europe)  it was absolutly cool and the fans arrived to the Roman Arenas were not disappointed.

Their concert seemed to have all for an unforgettable show. Besides the  famous hits  as “The Final Countdown”, “Superstitious”, “Rock the night” or the ballad “Carrie”, the audience could  hear some of the new songs   “Sign Of Times” or “Praise You ” etc,  some of them being  in  first audition.

Moreover, if  we have to  choose one single word to describe what happened on the stage, during the concert, in front of such a great audience, it would be “cool”. That was the word pronounced  by the  frontman  Joey Tempest. He was prepared for meeting the Romanian fans by learning a few phrases in  Romanian language and whenever he had the opportunity, he said enthusiastically   that “everything is cool here!”

“Let the people come to me!” it was the advice of the tireless Joey Tempest talking with the people who were singing with him. He was like in the 80s,  playing on the stage and feeling as his 20 years old.

“Thank you for being here with us! I do not know very well what I am saying here, but I hope that’s OK, “he joked Joey,  after repeating the words that he has learned in Romanian. If his jokes were, the  salt and the pepper of the show (as the Romanians say)  John Norum’s solos brought a little silence for a few minutes and the fans were like hypnotized by his guitar.

“The Final Countdown” ended the concert, Joey Tempest  launching the invitation for the next show:” See you next time! ”, he had the  last word.

Source: PROTvNews, Romanian Television

During some interviews given by JOEY TEMPEST to the press, he said : “Rock’n’roll is entertainment, not a form of protest”. 

War Of Kings  was inspired by an old book about Swedish Vikings. “When I was in the studio, me and the group, we  started looking for a suitable title for the album, and we all loved this version and we thought it fits. There was no another reason,  we just  liked it very much.

At the beginning of our career, we’ve been refused by some records companies  because we used to have  long hair and we  were  too noisy.  At that time, people in Sweden were not prepared for all these things.  The only chance for succeed  and to see our dream comes true,  it was to enroll in a rock contest  We participated to this kind of rock contest and we won.  The prize was to have the chance of recording an album.

London is for me  the center of the universe!   I was only a kid, when I visited London for the first time and I liked very much. I was 12 when  my parents took me there. I was around 20,  when I moved there,  then I lived for a while in Ireland, but I started to miss England. I do not know … for me, London is, in some way, the center of the universe.  I met my  British  wife in this town! I have two boys a British wife and I love London.



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