Joey Tempest is world-known as the lead-singer and the front man of the mega successful hard rock band EUROPE. Starting his career in 1979 together with John Norum, Tempest achieved a nationwide success in Sweden in 1982 by recording the eponymous first album “Europe”.

The 1984 album Wings Of Tomorrow enabled Europe to tour the whole Scandinavia. Joey Tempest is the author of the world-famous anthem of the 80’s – The Final Countdown, which reached the top of the Charts in 30 countries of the world.

The fame and recognition that he and Europe gained thanks to this song and through other albums (1988 Out Of This World, 1991 Prisoners In Paradise, plus massive touring around the world) endured until 1993 when Europe decided to split. Tempest decided to start his own solo career as a songwriter and singer.

His decent and more classic rock oriented albums A Place to Call Home (1995) and Azalea Place (1997) were released only in some European countries and their success was limited only to native Sweden and Norway.

The songs on this album is entirely written by Tempest and could be classified as pop / singer-songwriter. Backin band on the disc is composed by Sven Lindvall, Staffan Astner and Johan Norberg. Solo Album number two is recorded in Nashville. This time it was written many of the songs in the studio for quite experimental forms with the disc’s producer Richard Dodd. On the third and latest solo album is heard clearly influenced by British pop. The songs are rockier and often ösigare than in the previous solo albums.

Before becoming the artist Joey Tempest, Joakim Larsson learned how to play the piano and the guitar. He played football, ice hockey and competed in go-cart racing; he once came in fourth place in the Junior Cart Race, a Swedish championship. Like many of the other Europe members, he grew up in Stockholm suburb Upplands Väsby. His biggest idols were Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin. During his teens, he played in a number of bands such as Jet, Blazer, Made in Hong Kong and Roxanne. At that time he alternated between playing rhythm guitar and bass, in addition to lead vocal


Joey Tempest, with his real name Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson, was born in  Upplands Väsby, a little locality of Stockholm county. He was born on 19 August 1963 and he is the vocalist and the main songwriter in the rock band Europe. He has written hits which include The Final Countdown”, “Rock the Night”, Cherokee” and Superstitious”

Before becoming the great artist of the world music rock – Joey Tempest, Joakim Larsson has taken the piano lessons and he learned how to play the guitar. In his early years, when he was just a kid, he played football, ice hockey and competed in go-cart racing. He even won the fourth place in the Junior Cart Race, a Swedish championship. Like many of the other Europe members, he grew up in Stockholm suburb Upplands Väsby. His biggest idols were Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin. During his teens, he played in a number of bands such as Jet, Blazer, Made in Hong Kong and Roxanne. At that time he alternated between playing rhythm guitar and bass, in addition to lead vocals.

Joey Tempest with Europe is once again entered the studio with the press of making a better plate than “The final countdown”. 

“Out of this World” was recorded in London with producer Ron Nevison. While the album was mixed gave the band the summer of 1988 on a tour with Def Leppard. Although this tour is a success. Europe tested during this tour to run three new songs “Superstitious”, “Let the Good Times Rock” and “Ready or Not”.

They became increasingly popular in the United States and when the “Out of this World” was released sales began well, thanks to the tour with Def Leppard has been a success. The tour attracted an audience of over 500 000 people.

The album gets good reviews from critics and sells a million copies in the US, and reach high rankings on many charts worldwide. In November and December to play Europe in Asia, they visit the three countries; Japan, Taiwan and India.

He likes to wear dark sunglasses. His band, Europe, used to rehearse under the name “Le Baron Boys” in order to avoid fans.  He loves the animals that’s why he has a sweet pet cat.

The song “Hero” was written as a special tribute to Joey’s childhood hero, Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy.
In between the disbanding of Europe in 1992 and the reunion of the band in 2003, he had a successful career as a solo artist with 3 CDs: A Place To Call Home (1995), Azalea Place (1997) and Joey Tempest (2002).

He has an older sister Lotta and a younger brother, Thomas. He wrote “Roll With You” for his friend, who is seriously ill and had been in a dark state of mind. Joey honors another of his heroes, Journey vocalist Steve Perry, with the song Forever Traveling.

Lisa and Joey
 Since September 29,  2000, Joey is married with the beautiful british Lisa Worthington with whom he has two sons: James Joakim,  born on 12 October 2007 in London  and Jack Johnston, born on 23 july 2014. In October 2003, the band Europe has reunited. A new album, world tour and a new DVD has been released in second half of 2004. On October 27th, 2006, Europe’s CD, called Secret Society”, has been be released . The night before, Europe have begun a tour through Scandinavia.
On April 2006, Europe recorded a new CD in Stockholm and that it was produced by themselves!
He has been working on songs for the next Europe album and the band concluded the “Start From The Dark” tour in Brasov, Romania on September 2005. He was performing with Europe January 26th in Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden in 2008.
Europe’s new CD called Start From The Dark” was released in September 2004. Joey was very busy back then and was doing promotions and interviews for the CD and putting together the Start From The Dark” live show. In the same year, Joey with his band Europe, has been beginning a world tour on October 14th in Helsinki, Finland.
On 18th November 2005, Joey Tempest worked on the new CD continues. The new DVD “Live From The Dark” has been released in Europe in 2005 and  Joey was appeared on SvT1 as a guest on a program called En granslos rapsodi in order to discuss the band Queen on Friday October 28, 22.30-23.00. 




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