260520_409216082458898_1192606002_nEUROPE’S JOEY TEMPEST: ‘If You Don’t Make New Albums, People Are Gonna Automatically Listen To Your Old Stuff. 

Hello everyone and be welcome to this website. You are very kind to come here thanks to the big love that you have for Rock music,  especially the band EUROPE. This site is mainly dedicated to the king and captain of this band – Joey Tempest. Joey Tempest is the brain of the famous band Europe since the beginning. He was writing the very best hits as the anthem “The Final Countdown”Rock the Night” and “Superstitious.” He was always in a very strongly collaboration with his parteners from the band  and especially with the guild friend of a lifetime John Norum. 


The band Europe is one of the most successful Swedish rock bands, with currently over 25 million albums sold.  Their success came with the release of The Final countdown, released in 1986. The song that gives the album name became a worldwide hit and it was ranked first in over 26 countries.   The lovely and the very known ballad Carrie  reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

Later,  the first guitarist of the band,  John Norum left the band in November 1986. Then it came “Out of This World,” released in 1988.  Actually, it was the time  when the bands as,  Guns N ‘Roses, INXS and the US broke the monopoly of the music industry.  The disc has sold over 2 million copies. He followed a US tour alongside Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Skid Row.


During 1995, Joey released  his first solo names A Place to Call Home. He has called it his “singer/songwriter album”. Europe band mate John Norum guests on one of the tracks. The album, which was produced by Dan Sundquist, was recorded in Stockholm and London using Swedish musicians.  Tempest also played guitar on the album. A Place to Call Home sold platinum in Sweden and it was a big success internationally.


In the same year, he commenced his first European tour as a solo artist. The following year he was nominated for a “Best Swedish Artist” Grammy. Four singles were taken from the album, “A Place to Call Home”, “Under the Influence”, “We Come Alive” and “Don’t Go Changing On Me”.

The next album Azalea Place was released in 1997. The next solo album was recorded in Nashville by producer Richard Dodd, known for producing artists such as The Travelling Wilburys and Tom Petty. Where A Place To Call Home had Tempest writing all the material, the new album was written together with others. Among these were Chris Difford from Squeeze and Will Jennings. “Azalea Place was mostly written in the studio and was therefore more improvised and experimental”, Tempest commented on the production “The Match”, “The One In The Glass” and “If I’d Only Known” were released as singles. “The Match” became one of the most played songs on Swedish radio and the album achieved gold status.

In 2002, Joey Tempest released the third solo album which was named Joey TempestThe first session took place in Konk Studios, The Kinks old London studio, where Tempest jammed with English musicians who had formerly played with Massive Attack. This session produced “Magnificent”, “Kill For A Girl Like You” (B-side of the first single “Forgiven”) and “Sometimes”.  He  continued his work in Stockholm,  but this time with Swedish musicians, including his mate Mic Michaeli. “Superhuman” originated from this session. After that, Tempest kept on working with Adam Lamprell in a temporary studio in London.

According to Tempest’s statement “Dreamless” and “Magnificent” have a lot of London in them. Losers is influenced by both London and Dublin. Living there can be very intense, almost chaotic. Joey said: They’re tough cities and I’d never have written the lyrics I did without living there“. Some lyrics can also be related to his homeland, reflections on living abroad, and learning to live with new people.


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